The Zen-dojo is the place to practice the Zen-path. Because of the practice of Zazen, the atmosphere in the Dojo is prevailed by a intensive atmosphere, infused with the “silence of the mountains”. When you enter a dojo, it is important to perform every activity with concentration and alertness, here and now. You walk to your place, express your respect and thank towards the others by doing Gasshô, sit down on your cushion and begin with Zazen. In the Dojo, everybody becomes a “person of the path”, irrespective of his gender, race or rank.

The focus is on the Zazen-practice and the mutual exercise. In the dojo, it is not important to be the first one or to wish to stand out from the others. One is alone with oneself and still associated with the others. Unconsciously and naturally, before thinking, one can thus understand the interdependence of all things through the whole body, through ones’ own bones and tendons, with every cell of the body.

By the practice of Zazen in the dojo, the attentiveness and alertness in every activity, the brain regains its deep and original balance, the consciousness becomes calm, profound, and extensive. Such a mind can guide a life to freedom, instead of being determined by wishes and fears. We can cast off the haste and the uncertainness, which keep us from calming down. When this practice becomes our true nature, the dojo ceases to be a somewhere limited place, but through this mentality, our everyday life becomes the dojo, becomes the path of our authentic life.

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